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Executive Leadership

“I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in my time, and in my experience, it is hard for a consultant to simultaneously be candid, trustworthy and unbiased.  But Karen is and its what makes her so valuable.  When she says, “this is what it looks like to me,” she communicates well-informed, straight talk that isn’t spun to flatter or pander. It works because her purpose is always clear: to elicit the CEO’s best tactical and strategic thinking. The typical consultant pretends to think for the CEO, to be his or her tactician or strategist.  Karen helps the CEO frame things so the CEO becomes a better tactician or strategist.” 

– Bob Coonrod, former CEO of InterMedia.

Strategic Communications

“Karen has been an invaluable partner in our start-up as our organization begins to emerge into the marketplace. She has helped us think through how to best communicate our core competencies, as well as helped us navigate some unanticipated challenges along the way. We are clearer today on how to articulate what we do and why we do it because of her efforts.” 

– Arthur Vander Veen, CEO of New Meridian

Non-Profit Organization Management

“When Karen and I work on non-profit endeavors together, I am never in doubt as to the organization’s goals and how we plan to get there. She brings executive expertise to the non-profit sector. As a result she has the overwhelming confidence of her Boards, funders and community peers. It’s a pleasure to work with leaders who communicate with clarity.”  

– William J. Bennett, Chairman of Conservative Leaders for Education, former Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan

Board Development

“I’ve watched Karen build and manage several boards. It is a unique skill set to ensure you have the right talent at the table to guide an organization — and then to lead and motivate that talent, who are sometimes volunteers, to help achieve an organization’s mission. Karen’s leadership skills and track record are impressive. I enjoyed being on her board because as a unit we were smarter and more effective than we were as individuals. That is the hallmark of good board development and leadership.” 

– Joanne Weiss, Board Co-Chair, Collaborative for Student Success

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